Blowing into the Wind

There is a wonderful portion of C. S. Lewis' The Silver Chair in which Jill and Eunice, young children, are blown into Narnia by Aslan. Jill happened to be the cause of Eunice falling off a cliff, which is what warranted Aslan's intervention. In effect, he saved Eunice from certain death, and though Jill was at great fault, he essentially forgave her and sent her to do the work he had intended for her. Jill was not completely off the hook for her errors, though. She was told that because of what she had done, her task would now be more difficult than before.

It amazes me how vivid Lewis' examples are of Christ, through Aslan. In this case, he paints a picture of sin, mercy and forgiveness. We also see an example of God stepping in to blow his children in the right direction, guiding them toward the tasks He has assigned to them. The children of The Silver Chair needed this just as much as we all need it every now and again.

We all have times when we stumble along the path, and have certainly had times in our lives when we were not going in the direction we should have been travelling. Times like these call for action. We need to be blown in the right direction, and we need to understand that our sins increase our task significantly. If we do not turn away from them, we risk our ability to complete our Mission, and we most often end up hurting others around us in the process.

Which brings me to the song I wrote, When I Get There. The second verse speaks to the idea of looking at my own life and seeing my failure to follow God, even to the point of blatantly going in a different direction, as with Jonah. But because of God's great mercy and care for me, He sets me on the right path again, and for that I am eternally grateful, if undeserving.

The path is, of course, far from easy, but because God reigns over my life, I welcome His every correction. Even when it hurts.

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