I know of the Heaven where people don't cry
Where gold plates the streets and the Light paints the skies
The saints all cry "holy", the crystal sea shines
But one question burns in my mind

When I get there, fall before my King
Will He say "This man has followed me,
was a shining light for the world to see.
Come home, well done. I know thee"

Then I look back to my life here, below
Veering right, left, in my attempt to follow (You)
You call me here, but there's where I go
'Til into the wind I blow

Life's but a struggle, sometimes in vain
I feel like some days it's all work, but no gain
But when I am for you, Oh glorious Day
I dance in the rain

What it's about

It all stemmed from a quote from my mother: 'When I get there, will He say "well done"?' It changes everything if you have this thought in your mind while doing everything in your life. The Heaven described to me is quite an amazing place, but I would much rather hear Him say "Well done" and have me assigned as a "doorkeeper...than...dwell in the tents of wickedness" forever.

The end of the song is more of the finale which multitudes before us achieved. I think of my great-grandfather. He went through his whole life striving to please the Lord, remaining faithful to the end. He made it. I have a long way to go, but it can be done. It was done. The saints before us received the reply most desirable, as in the song. "You have done well, my child"

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