My peanut butter cup has the perfect mix
Dear peanut butter cup, you're so delicious
I unwrap the goodness and I find not one, not two, but...
Three peanut butter cups! I love you!

Two peanut butter cups have to wait their turn
I eat the other one so the rest can learn
If they sit real patiently, they'll be digested, too, oh
Dear peanut butter cups, I'll eat you :-)

Packaged in groups of three, so that I can share
1 for you, 2 for me, if you think that's fair
Otherwise we'll split the third with a knife or with a spoon, oh

Outside, so chocolatey
Inside, the beurre d'archide
Ready for me to eat!


I love you!

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Copyright © 2011 Matthew Greyling Music