I am a...

Piano Teacher


I have taught piano lessons for a number of years, mostly children. The classes are built around Bastien's Piano Basics and are filled with fun activities where the child learns more than just how to play. They get to learn the theory behind the music, discipline and other life-skills, and even get to experience the wonder of composing their own songs and having real fun with music.

I love what I do, and there have been many positive reviews of my teaching and character by parents and students alike. My schedule gets fuller as time goes on, but I'm always open to teaching new students! (If money is an obstacle, don't worry, we can work something out). Please contact me (click here) if you are interested!

Worship Leader

I have led and helped lead worship at various churches, and by no means do I restrict music I play to the songs I have written myself. It's all about worshipping God and helping others do the same, and sometimes that means sticking with the familiar as opposed to the new and unknown. I am also grateful for having the opportunities to do the same in a camp setting.

I would love to play at your church as a worship musician, for special music, or in a concert-type setting. (I am willing to play for donations, and am open to playing in other cities and countries).